1. Anonymous asked: Can you make a list to where you've been both local and international ones?

    Umm. Okay? Haha.


    Bohol, Palawan, Camiguin, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Occidental, Baguio, Davao, Aklan, Ilocos, Cebu


    Hong Kong, North America, Japan, Singapore, Macau, Thailand, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Italy

    Oh wait I forgot Narnia, Hogwarts, Gallifrey, and Westeros


  2. Anonymous asked: When and where did you travel (from your latest post)?

    Hi Anon! That was in Ilocos. It’s a beautiful place and I highly recommend going there if you haven’t already :). We went last weekend which was probably a bad idea since finals were coming up haha. 


  3. Was supposed to do a paper during the weekend, but then this happened. :)) #noregrets


  4. The Wildflour Bakery

    come and salivate with me


  5. Tripped a few times (read: more than a few) during the hike, and I really wanted to just go back down. But then I saw the view, the grass swaying with the wind, and all of a sudden all I wanted to do was to stay.

    Or maybe I was just afraid that if I go back down I would slip and plummet to my death. I didn’t though so yaaay for me. Harhar.


  6. Anonymous asked: Ang galing mo!

    Aww :> Thank you! You made my day. :))

    P.S. Sino kaaa


  7. Matabungkay Part II

    And yes, our bus had party lights #swag


  8. Tokyo Detour


  9. aspenmasangcay asked: What camera did you use for your EK photos? They're amazing! :)

    Awww :> Thank you! I used my (dad’s) trusty Fujifilm X100. I also did a bit of post-processing in Lightroom.


  10. Au Pair for a day

    Nobody else from my age group came along and I was very sad and lonely but at least I had my camera to keep me company