1. Anonymous said: Rina! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Your photos are uh-mazing, i'm actually at a loss for words. Keep it up! So excited for your next set of photographs. :)

    You’re uh-mazing too! Haha :) Thank you! People like you inspire me to get better. :)


  2. Anonymous said: I was really inspired by your blog :D I most especially love your photos in the USA. I just feel so happy when I see them :D keep taking great photos!

    Awwwww. Huhu people like you are the best. Thank you for appreciating my work. :)


  3. I don’t usually apply “awesome” to bodies of water, but the Falls definitely deserves the description. 


  4. Loved this city, even though it smells a bit funky sometimes. But I think it adds to its charm. And besides, when it doesn’t smell funky, it usually smells of pizza. And hotdogs. And bagels.


  5. It was really hard walking up the steep streets, but it was good exercise after all those In-N-Out burgers.


  6. Last day in L.A. (that rhymed)


  7. Beatle-mania!


  8. The Pier


  9. Anonymous said: happy birthday!:) u take cool photos, btw!

    Hi Anon! Thank youuuu! :)))


  10. Anonymous said: hey anong ibig sabihin ng error na to: the communication between the camera and lens is faulty, clean the lens contacts?

    Umm I think it literally means that you have to clean the lens contacts. :))

    Link: http://photo.net/canon-eos-digital-camera-forum/00R8pe